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It was a daring plan. Our founders saw the devastation wreaked by a tsunami and earthquakes and were heartbroken to discover children that had lost everything. Could it be possible that they could experience family again? They believed there was hope. We started a family - rescuing orphans and abandoned children in 2007. Since then we have grown to have 63 children and teenagers in our care and are supporting the surrounding villages with projects like clean water systems and building a primary and junior high school to provide quality education where there is none. Join us in changing lives and impacting generations.

Who we are

Hope Village is not an orphanage. Once a child arrives they are no longer abandoned or an orphan. They are welcomed by brothers, sisters, carers and house parents into a loving, stable family. We work everyday to provide a home environment that promotes health for the whole child - physically, emotionally, spiritually - as well as providing medical care and quality education.

The Founders

Mike and Ann Hill live in Adelaide South Australia. While travelling during 1999 they were confronted with the great needs of children in Asia... Read More

What we do

Hope village is focused on caring for the needs of the disadvantaged of Indonesia & their communities in the following ways... Read More

Where we work

We currently care for 63 children on the island of Sumatra, some of whom have been re-located from Nias Island after the Tsunami and earthquake as well ... Read More

Stories of Hope

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Our Homes

May 29, 2018

Our Schools

May 29, 2018

Our Community

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