Children Flourishing///Walking In Purpose///Filled With Hope

Hope Village

Sumatra, Indonesia

Children Flourishing///Walking In Purpose///Filled With Hope

Hope Village

Sumatra, Indonesia

Partner with Hope Village

Hope Village exists to see children flourishing, walking in purpose and filled with hope. 

This is made possible through effective partnership - we can’t do it alone.

Our valued partners, spanning organisations, churches, businesses, community groups, and individuals like yourself, join us in this collective endeavour to bring Hope Village's vision to life.

We invite you to explore the diverse range of opportunities and consider the ways in which your valuable contribution can make a significant difference in advancing the mission of Hope Village.


There are several ways that you can show your support:

1. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

2. Sponsor a child or a teacher.

3. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected.

4. Consider making a donation to help our cause.

5. Explore if you have valuable skills or resources to contribute by visiting Hope Village.

If you represent a school, organisation, community, church, or business interested in making a meaningful contribution, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can collaborate on fundraisers or awareness campaigns within these settings. Please reach out to us so we can explore the possibilities together.

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Many schools extend their support to Hope Village in various ways such as sponsoring teachers and providing essential school supplies which can encompass computers, books writing materials and more.

Some schools have also actively participated in the sponsorship of school building projects.

"Bethany Christian School supports Hope Village with ongoing support of the Hope Village School. Teams of staff visit in January and July, during our school holiday breaks, to provide Professional Development and relational connections. This mutual relationship brings a richness to both communities. We have a commitment to develop the skills and interests of our Indonesian teachers ensuring that we support each other and build structures and processes that encourage agency. Our desire is to see the Hope Village School flourishing and producing graduates who can influence their nation with a Christian Worldview, bringing hope, kindness and in turn, making disciples of Jesus."
- Wendy Matear, Principal of Bethany Christian School

Please reach out to us to initiate a conversation about how your school could partner with Hope Village.

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Church congregations

Hope Village collaborates with a number churches of various sizes in diverse and meaningful partnerships. These involve sending teams to provide hands-on support and assistance, sponsoring the well-being of children and staff and providing vital support for building projects.

By joining hands with Hope Village, churches actively engage in the mandate to 'go into all the world and make disciples’. This collaboration offers a practical and exciting opportunity to create a lasting impact, advancing the mission of nurturing disciples and promoting positive change within communities.

To explore how your church could partner with Hope Village, please don't hesitate to start a conversation with us.

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Businesses often seek opportunities to demonstrate corporate social responsibility. At Hope Village, we are blessed to have a number of business sponsors who generously support various aspects of Hope Village and Hope School.

Hollie Wight, the Executive Director of K2 Asset Management and a 'Corporate Sponsor,' shared her experience.

"Sponsoring Calvin at Hope Village has enriched my family's life. Witnessing his growth and important milestones has been a pleasure. A surprise benefit has been teaching my kids about the true meaning of necessity - not just toys and treats but essentials like clean clothes and new socks. It's a lesson they need to experience, not just hear about."

This testimony underscores the profound impact that corporate sponsorship can have on individuals, families, and the broader community.

Please reach out to us to discuss ways that your business could support the work of Hope Village.

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