Children Flourishing///Walking In Purpose///Filled With Hope

Hope Village

Sumatra, Indonesia

Children Flourishing///Walking In Purpose///Filled With Hope

Hope Village

Sumatra, Indonesia

Give where most needed

Your donation empowers us to flexibly address immediate needs, from education to healthcare, enhancing the lives of those we serve. It's an investment in the well-being and future of our community.

Give where most needed

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Diverse teams enrich us with skills and life experience. Our Team House offers comfortable accommodation. Join or bring a team; we look forward to exploring how you could partner with us in this way.

Experience Hope Village for yourself

Give clean water

Access to clean, safe drinking water is fundamental for health and development. Contribute to providing this essential resource to Hope Village.

Give the gift of clean water

Give towards Christmas at Hope Village

Contribute to a special Christmas gift and dinner for every child. Help create a memorable Christmas experience by giving today!

Give toward Christmas celebrations

Give towards education

Contribute to providing essential education resources for Hope School. Your support empowers children with the tools they need to learn, grow, and build a better future.

Give towards education resources

Give towards school buildings

Contribute to the future expansion of Hope School by donating to our building development fund. Your generous support enables us to accommodate more students and provide them with a high-quality education.

Give towards a new school building

Give to sponsor a child

Collaborate with us to provide children a nurturing environment, including a loving home, education, healthcare, and personal growth, fostering hope and purpose in their lives.

Support a child at Hope Village

Give to sponsor a staff assistant

Some children that join Hope Village may never leave our care due to physical or intellectual disabilities. Through the devleopment of skills and knowledge that empower them to work and thrive as Staff Assistants, these valued members of the Hope Village community contribute as school support officers and as members of our maintenance team. Your sponsorship helps to cover their wages.

Give to sponsor a teacher

By sponsoring a teacher at Hope School, you make a profound impact, positively influencing the daily lives of around 25 students, fostering a brighter future through education.

Support a teacher at Hope School